Baldock Baby Massage

North Herts Mother and Baby

Wellbeing for Mother's and Babies

3-12 months


For all mothers to feel loved, celebrated and honoured in their nurturing and protecting role as they consciously focus on their own and their baby’s holistic wellbeing.


If you've enjoyed baby massage then you'll love this!

A moment of calm to breath, awaken your senses and celebrate you as a mother whilst sharing some rhymes, songs, massage and movements with baby.

It's one of my courses so there will definitely be a cuppa & cake here for you.

Feeling proud to be the first wellbeing mother and baby Instructor in North Herts

Mother time

Baby time

Theory, discussions and refreshments 

Suitable for 3-12 months

Small groups 

Large hall with lots of space to distance or come together, you choose!

5 x 90 mins weekly sessions

Natural Treasure basket starter kit


Free parking


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Parents reviews 

North Herts Mother & Baby

Super lucky to be involved in Caroline’s latest brilliant offering: Mum and Baby Well-being.

The class is broken into a few sections. You’ll start with some stretches and breathing exercises for mum before moving onto discussion items to get you all chatting in a safe, non-judgemental space about that weeks topic (we covered sleep and technology to name but two!). You then move onto some cute nursery rhymes and gentle movements for baby before finishing with a delightful (and hot!) cup of tea and sweet treat as babies are fed, changed, entertained etc!

I highly recommend this class, Caroline’s next offering starts in September for five weeks, based on Baldock, Hertfordshire. Appropriate for babies 3-12 months.

Thank you for my new self love, self belief and calmer mothering techniques Caroline. You are wonderful. ❤️


So pleased once again with the group that Caroline has set up.

Such a calm, relaxed environment which offers a safe place for us mums (new or seasoned) to have a chat, get things off our chest and help each other out!

Loved the well-being course because it brings you back to nature, remembering what’s important and also giving you a light nudge to remember that YOU are important too, and to take time for yourself.

I personally found that this hour and a half every week was one of the only places where nothing else mattered.

This is the second course I’ve done with Caroline, and she really makes it what it is.

Highly highly recommend it, once again 💖


Caroline runs fantastic classes. I’ve done both her baby massage course and her mum and baby well-being course. The set up feels really ‘covid-safe’ but not over the top and still has a warm and friendly atmosphere. I did the baby massage course when my son was 8 weeks old and he absolutely loves his massages. The course builds on techniques and body parts each week which really helps you get to grips with it and introduce baby slowly. It has really benefited my son who had tummy/ wind problems. I did the well-being course when my son was 4 months and it was a lovely way to spend a little bit of ‘me’ time and enjoy learning new songs and stories with my little boy. I’ve made some really good friends from the courses as Caroline sets up WhatsApp groups for those involved to get to know each other even better. Thank you Caroline!


Amazing class to connect with your baby! Lots of time to chat with other mums too - great feeling that we are in this together! Caroline is supportive and facilitates great discussions! Highly recommend!


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This new and unique course has been created by Wellbeing International Kate Pigeon-Owen and Caroline Roberts, International Association of Infant Massage Trainers, each with more than 20 years’ experience working with young families