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Swedish Massage Therapy

Henri Peter Ling developed the well known Swedish massage technique.  He  promoted the need to understand human anatomy priory to massaging the body. The main focus to Increase the oxygen flow in the blood and release toxins from the muscles. This practice is widely used today.  Swedish massage dates back to the early 1800's yet is considered Modern Western massage in comparison to the ancient practices of that date back to BC.

Swedish massage helps flush out toxins leaving clients feeling relaxed and renewed. .

Hot stone Massage 

Stone therapy has been around over 2000. Native American communities are one group that practised this natural healing process using elements from the Earth to support their community wellbeing and healing process.  

Modern Hot stone massages are still based on these Ancient principles & traditions warming the muscles to relieve pain and allowing the therapist to work deeper without the need to add more pressure.  The effects of Hot stones are extremely powerful therefore caution is advised to those with underlining health conditions. 

Baldock B&R Uses over 50 Basalt stones during a hot stone massage. .

Stones are hygienically cleaned to modern clinical standards after every treatment and holistically recharged with natural energy from the Earth using the same methods as they were 2000 years ago. .

Indian Head

Indian head massage originates from a hair treatment historically used by Indian women, Incorporating massage to the upper back arms, shoulders, neck, face and head. 

The oils are massaged into the scalp and pulled through the length of the hair to strength & condition.  The massage Improves circulation and stimulates hair growth.


Throughout history the use of essential oils and herbs has been well documented around the world going back thousands of years. From the embalming process used by Egyptian in the pyramids to the Ancient Greeks combining oils and herbs when massage their Olympians before a tournament or Roman civilisations healing wounded soldiers in Bath houses. 

Blended massage oils can be suitably matched to your body and incorporated to your massage to allow deeper relaxation, clarity of thinking, help tackle cellulite or even rebalance your energy levels.  


Facials are deeply relaxing and have numerous benefits on your skin and general wellbeing.  

Improved skin condition and tone is visible to the eye and touch in as little as one treatment. 

A course of treatments is highly recommended for optimal results


Most treatments can be adapted for pregnant ladies.  I have completed additional training in pregnancy massage. 

You will need to wait until your 12+ weeks before having any treatments and it is a good idea to inform your midwife which treatments you are currently having. 

Please let me know your exciting news when booking any treatment. There are some product and positioning adjustments which i can make to keep you safe and comfortable during this special time. 

What our customers are saying

From the very start, the setting is calm and the level of expertise is excellent. Caroline is wonderful at what she does and I have enjoyed every massage....often falling asleep as a result! This has become my indulgent weekly highlight. I Couldn’t recommend this place highly enough.

N.L. Letchhworth



Facials are deeply relaxing and have numerous benefits for your skin and general wellbeing. 

Skin consultation is carried out to ensure product suitability.


Optimal results are achieved through a course of treatments, daily home skincare routine and monthly maintenance facial cleanse and massage.

Lashes & Brows  

Eyelash Lift & Tint

Eyebrow Tint & Tidy


Eyelash lifting & Tinting dramatically opens the eyes making your natural lashes appear Longer, Fuller and Darker. The process is relaxing and comfortable and the results last 6-8 weeks

Product skin test is essential prior to your first treatment at Baldock B&R or where 12 months has past since your last treatment

Manicure & Pedicure 

Offering a range of hand  feet skincare treatments finishe​d with CND shellac or CND vinylux varnish

UK Callus Peel & aftercare

Traditional wet pedicures

hydrating hand treatments

Cuticles & aftercare 


Treatments for ladies

A limited number of close contact appointments are available to existing clients.

In order to minimise risk, please do your lateral flow test, at home before arriving.

Please contact me directly to book

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