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I loved the bonding time with my daughter, learning a skill that'll last and meeting the other mummies & babies.  

Tummy massage has helped her bowels and face massage helps at bedtime.  

Caroline is so welcoming and made us feel comfortable. 

V.F Biggleswade mum

Baby massage parent feedback

I have just completed Baby massage course with Caroline and I would really recommend this course. Caroline went above and beyond to ensure everyone had safe learning environment for mum and babies.

She limited the numbers (currently at 6/7 mums) to ensure minimum of 2 metres distance (if not more). She was supportive and caring teacher.

She gave us all oil and laminated booklet to continue the massages at home. Was lovely to meet other mums safe environment.

I have learnt lots of techniques that I will continue with my daughter. I would recommend this class to other mums.


We both appreciated the bonding time and enjoyed finding a couple of minutes out of our day to relax and enjoy massage.

Caroline is such a chilled and experienced person.  She created such a friendly environment which was relaxed and comfortable.

H.J Baldock Mum

The enthusiasm of the instructor was infectious and really engaged the group.  I have learnt so much.  

My daughter was struggling with constipation and gas and this has definitely improved - less bloating and gas and more regular bowel movements.

I always felt comfortable, even when my baby was unsettled or cry and felt very safe in this current climate (C-19) 

S.M Biggleswade mum

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Really loved Caroline’s class, it was a lifeline throughout the lockdowns, great massage skills learnt and an opportunity to meet other mums in a calm lovely environment. Caroline was amazing to make sure that the classes are run when they could and arranged zoom classes otherwise. I look forward to reconnecting in the future, thoroughly recommended for any new mum đŸ™‚


Course dates

We attended during the November 2020 lockdown and felt very safe and confident attending. Caroline is well organised, everything is thought out carefully and the venue is well ventilated. I would really recommend joining for the skills you will learn, the benefits to your own mental health and meeting other mums and babies. Thanks again Caroline, A******* and I have really enjoyed the course.

S.H Local mum

We loved Caroline’s baby massage class. Great to learn massage and practice on our babies but also to meet other mums. Would really recommend the class.

E.K Hitchin mum

My Son suffers from reflux and used to be in a lot of discomfort. Since starting massage, in particular the tummy, he seems a lot more comfortable.

K.S Biggleswade mum

This course is amazing. Relaxed atmosphere. I was a bit worried before the first session as I taken my LO out apart from visiting a coffee shop but, everything went better than expected.

Thank you so much!

Massage has helped to calm my son.  He enjoys it more and more each time.  

It's great to be able to experience a face to face group where I've learnt a new skill that strengthened the bond between me and my baby. 

E.B, Stotfold Mum

The social distancing and hygiene measures made me feel comfortable and safe.

The class was really relaxed, perfect pace, I've learnt new skills and had the opportunity to speak to other mums over a cup of tea!

O.R Hitchin Mum

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My Son relaxes as I massage him.  The tummy massage has helped with his constipation.

Caroline is warm and friendly, encouraged us to ask questions, always had time to listen to us and our babies.

J.A Baldock Mum

Friendly, welcoming and relatable. Nice to be in safe surroundings where we can share parenting struggles and be able to socialise with other mums and for my baby to see other babies too. 

The course was great. The tummy massage really helps and it's a nice way for me and him to bond.

B.N Baldock mum

It's been great to be able to get out to a course and meet other parents.  This has been a relaxing time with my daughter and the tummy massage has helped with nappies!

The instructor made us feel safe and normal in these strange times.  Tea & cake was nice too.

H.Y Baldock Mum

Very well facilitated, knowledge alongside the massage techniques have been great, good venue making an enjoyable course.

My baby is definitely calmer, enjoying nurturing touch and i get lots of smiles and eye contact when massaging. 

G.H Baldock Mum

I've really enjoyed this course and meeting other parents.  The sessions are 1.5hrs long so we had plenty of time and were encouraged to talk to each other and share our parenting experiences.  The WhatsApp group is great too.

I really like the way we build on what we've learnt each week and noticed that my LO has fewer stomach aches.  I just wish that there were a few more sessions.

D.E Royston Mum

Friendly intimate environment, personal to each individual.

It's a really nice way to bond with your baby. Seeing the calming impact is lovely.

M.H Hitchin mum

This class has been the highlight of my week. Just love the way my baby visibly relaxes when i ask her if she wants a massage and then she spends the whole time looking at my face as i massage her. We feel so connected.

I found the class brilliantly informative and fun at the same time

I'm so glad that this support has been available to us throughout the the national restrictions. 

H.B Baldock mum

This is a brilliant class which both myself and my baby have really enjoyed.

Massage has now become part of our everyday routine - would highly recommend!

A.M local mum

My daughter recognises the "relax" and the baby massage rhymes. She associates them with relaxing and massage and it really does calms her down.  

I've really enjoyed meeting other mums, the WhatsApp group and plus the tea & cake 

J.C Baldock Mum

The Instructor is friendly and happy to answer any questions, the pace of the course is just the right speed and the recaps each week really helped.

V.I Baldock mum

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