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Frequently asked questions

When's the best age to start baby massage classes?

Whenever mum is ready to get out of the house and socialise with other families! Our nurturing touch programme covers so much more than massage including communication and connecting with baby, meeting other parents and parenting discussions.  

The International Association of infant Massage is a cue bases programme that is suitable from birth or full term equivalent. The approach that we use is based on recognising and responding to individual babies needs to prevent overstimulation and that's why we can enjoy safe effective massage from birth. 

Our programme is founded on research. There are many benefits to Skin to Skin and nurturing touch at the earliest possible opportunity. All babies under 12 months are welcome.  Many parents find it easier to Introduce massage before baby starts crawling we look at distraction and communication to engage baby in massage.

What if my baby cries during the class?

I could try to create an image of blissfully relaxed room full of babies being massaged by their chilled out parents, with gentle music playing in the background, everyone following the routines in perfect harmony.  Sometimes my classes do look like that, it's certainly what I aim for but, in reality babies are babies and the IAIM classes I run are baby led. So you're likely to see a baby sleeping, another one feeding, a curious baby wanting to watch what's going on, a baby who's really into their massage, another who's has had enough for today, maybe someone who is just not in the mood at the moment and another having their nappy changed. That's fine!  It's ok for them to cry! It's just means that right now they need something else.  It doesn't mean your baby hates massage.  The ideal time to massage your baby is when your baby is ready. We tend to look for a quiet but alert behavioural state. That means that they are not too sleepy, not too hungry and not too alert and wanting to play. This could be any time of day and as you know your baby best, you'll be able to work out when that time is. It might never be on a Wednesday morning between 10:00am - 11:30am, or a Tuesday afternoon between 12:30pm and 2pm, it might work that way one week and not the next, but you can still come along and learn.

The great thing about this course is that you will learn a skill to take away with you. It's unlike most other baby classes where you turn up once a week, have fun then go back again the next week for more fun. 

Regardless of whether your baby is ready for massage during the class or not you are still able to learn the skills in bite sized chunks to take away and practise at home between classes at a time that suits you and your baby. 

I've not feed baby away from home before

Classes are relaxed, small groups with plenty of time and space to put baby's needs first. Please feel free to breastfeed / bottle feed and change as you need to within our circle. 

My recovery isn't going as well as hoped and I've been advised not to walk whilst holding baby?

Please feel free to bring your Partner or Mum.... with you.  Please get in touch to discuss the most comfortable options for your individual needs.

Can my partner come along?

YES as from April 2022 partners are welcomed to join us.  Please ensure both names are included on your booking form.

Can I bring older siblings? 

The focus of the small group classes is on Parents and baby (under 1)  

Therefore, older siblings cannot attend the small group sessions. 

If childcare is challenging, a private courses can be arranged in the comfort of your home the cost could be split with a friend. Please get in touch to arrange a suitable course for you and your family.

Is there a charge for parking?

No, there’s plenty of free parking in Baldock. - this information refers to my Baldock venue only

I might not have a chance to have breakfast before class

Refreshments are provided although, you're welcome to bring your own.  Please avoid bringing nuts and anything too fragrant. 

Is there somewhere to park my pram?

There's space in the entrance hall to park up.  Please be mindful of Exit routes. Clean wheels are appreciated.

Are toilets available?

There is a toilet and handwashing facilities just inside the entrance hall. 

Will there be good ventilation?

Yes, a high window remains open allowing comfortable ventilation.  During hot weather the doors will be open. 

How do I make sure that I'm booked onto the same class as my friend?

Please include your friends name on your booking form.  There's space for additional information at the bottom.

Can I book a private course for my antenatal group?

Yes, please get in touch to discuss suitable dates and times. This could also be arranged at a group members home if space allows or one of my regular venues if available. 

What oil should I use?

As part of your welcome pack you are given a bottle of 100% pure fractionated coconut oil to use in class and take home to use during the week. We will cover suitable oils and the different types of oils during our first session. Additional bottles can be purchased.  

If your healthcare professional recommends an emollient for a skin condition please bring it with you. 

I would like to try baby massage but I'm not sure my baby will stay still?

We would never expect babies to lay still for long periods of time.  Together we discover ways to understand the best approach to introduce massage in shorts snippets and build technique thus massage time as both mother and baby gain confidence and understanding of their massage. 

The IAIM programme is so much more than a massage routine. Covering relaxation techniques and understanding how the rhythmic stokes effects the different body systems. 

I constantly get feedback from mums of very active babies that "massage time is the only time he /she stays still, lays there and chills" but, this doesn't normally happy during week 1.

Does massage promote better sleep?

Yes! IAIM baby massage has been proven to promote Deep Sleep.  Parents that attend classes often feedback that their babies "sleep so well after their massage" it's lovely to see babies having a fabulous massage and then sleeping through the rest of the session as mums enjoy their hot cuppa and the parenting discussion topics which form part of our programme.

Can massage help colic?

YES! The IAIM colic routine, tummy massage and gentle movements can help support the digestive system.  Offering natural stimulation and pain relief.  Helping to release trapped wind and colic through relaxation, massage and gentle yoga movements. Vimila's Colic routine has been developed alongside medical professionals, child psychologist to support baby's digestive system. 

I've submitted a booking form but, I've not received a reply. How can i check if a have a place?

Please double check your Junk file or get in touch via the contact symbols in the footer.

What if I'm unable to attend all 5 sessions?

The IAIM programme is a 5 week course where we learn, develop and begin to master our massage over the full programme.  It is recommended that you attend all 5 sessions to maximise the benefits.  

However, there will be occasions when it's unavoidable to attend all sessions due to medical appointments or Illness. In these circumstances, you will be offered a maximum of 2 catch up sessions on the next available IAIM course or offered a generous discount to rebook and attend the next available full 5 week IAIM course.  

Payments are non refundable.

Can I still attend class if I feel unwell or have Covid?

Some of our newborn babies are not ready to be around coughs, colds and virus' so please stay away if you have Covid, heavy colds, flu or feel unwell. The same rules apply to other contagious / Infectious illnesses such as, Chicken pox, Impetigo, Norovirus, to name a few.

How big is the room and many people will be in the group?

We are extremely fortunate to have the use of a large, comfortable room with high ceilings and enough space to comfortably accommodate large gatherings. However, our group sizes are capped to offering you the choice to spread out or option to be closer if you prefer. Group sizes may be reviewed based on local covid data.

What is IAIM?

The International Association of Infant Massage founded by Vilima McClure in 1974. Was created and developed alongside paediatricians and child phycologists. Researched based drawing from Swedish & Indian massage techniques plus elements of reflexology and yoga.   The IAIM has expanded across the globe with instructors teaching the same 5 week programme in a 69 different Countries. 

Certified Infant Massage Instructors (CIMI's) are supported across the globe by ongoing research and systematic review to ensure the safest, most effective massage is available to the world community.

Can I join "massage together" without completing the 5 week baby massage courses?

IAIM baby massage 5 week course teaches us how to effectively and safely introduce massage.  Supports parents  to build and grow our massage through repetition and different techniques. Massage together brings families together to practise the skills which they have already learnt.

IAIM Mission statement

The purpose of the IAIM is to promote nurturing touch and communication through training, education and research so that parents and children are loved, valued and respected throughout the world community.

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International Association of Infant Massage


The programme has undergone numerous research and studies to demonstrate the positive effects that it has on postnatal mental health, wellbeing, improvement of attachment and bonding and support to babies physical, emotional and cognitive development.  The research is based on the IAIM programme (it is worth noting, this research is specific to the IAIM programme not baby massage classes in general). The studies and researched are also based on In person classes rather than online.

In person IAIM programme is delivered by Caroline over 5 classes.  Each group class lasting approximately 90 minutes

Week I

The History of baby massage and the IAIM

Introducing massage, baby cues and permission

Senses, oils and environment

Behavioural states

Massage area legs & Feet

Week 2 

Physical and emotional crying

Digestion, colic & gas

Massage area legs, feet & stomach.

Week 3


Gentle movements

Massage area legs & feet, stomach, chest & arms

Week 4 

Adapting massage to the growing child, 

Massage as a tool for communication from birth - teens

Massage area legs & feet, stomach, chest, arms, face & back.

Week 5 

Benefits of massage

Gentle movements 

Massage area legs & feet, stomach, chest, arms, face & back.

Course structure can slightly vary  

The IAIM programme is RCM accredited

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1.6 Adverse Weather
Baldockmassage is under no obligation to refund sessions that may be missed due to local adverse weather when the venue and environment is safe and accessible and when lessons are held. We regret that we are unable to offer automatic refunding or rescheduling of lessons in the event of adverse conditions local to yourselves preventing you from attending a scheduled class.
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1.12 Pandemic / natural disasters
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Exceptional circumstances - Online Classes
​1.14 All online sessions will take place via ZOOM. A link and password will be sent prior to the class starting and is for your own use only. The 'room' will be locked after the ice breaker and before the massage section of the class begins so that no one else can enter.
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1.16 In taking part in the online course you release responsibility of the Instructor.
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