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Frequently asked questions

​Does anything change from the 19th July?

The same cleaning and ventilation measure will remain. We will still be using a large spacious venue.  There will be enough space for 2 metres distancing.   You can choose to sit closer to others, that you know, with their consent. You can change your mind from week to week. We respect individual choices. If there are changes to the government guidance, our group numbers are small enough to revert back to lockdown set up which has been approved by local council environmental health.

Do I need to wear a mask?

When entering or moving around the venue YES a mask is required.

However, masks restrict babies ability to communicate, connect, bond with primary caregiver and should not be used during massage as it can have a negative effect on this bonding activity. This is one of the reasons why everyone will be given 2 metres personal.  Allowing comfortable and safe removal of masks so that everyone can emotially and physically benefit from Infant massage.

How big is the room and many people will be in the group?

We are extremely fortunate to have the use of a large, comfortable room with high ceilings and enough space to comfortably accommodate 80 people.

However, our groups are normally 5 - 7 mums plus babies. Offering you the choice to spread out or option to be closer if you prefer.

Group sizes may be reviewed based on local covid data

Are your covid safe measures approved by the local council Environmental Health?

Yes, Committed to creating a covid safe environmental for you and your precious ones. 

Risk assessments have been submitted, reviewed and approved by NH environmental health. 

Guidance is continuously changing and so does our class formation, activities and provision. 

What if my baby cries during the class?

Babies and mums are welcomed in all moods.

Massage can help lower your stress hormones so please still come even if its been a rough morning.  

You're invited to do whatever you need to in order to meet baby's needs within our circle. There's plenty of space to stand, rock, sway, bounce, feed, change.... a chair to sit on allowing you to participate or listen to the discussions and demonstrations.

My baby normally sleeps during the scheduled class time?

Newborn babies are unlikely to stay awake for a full 90 mins class. Some babies sleep for the whole session, some sleep before massage and lots sleep afterwards. 

Lots of mums find it easier to take in the information, ask questions whilst baby is sleeping. Setting them up for successfully, enjoyable massage at home, everyday for years to come. Any massage done in class is always a bonus.  A number of demonstration dolls are *available to practise on if baby is sleeping.

When's the best age to start baby massage?

IAIM baby massage is suitable from **birth. This includes our massage, gentle movements and the colic routine. Our IAIM 4th Trimester discussion topics contain useful information that can support you, your baby and your mental health during the early months.  

I'm able to welcome families until baby is 12 months old.

What age is Wellbeing for mothers and babies suitable for?

Wellbeing Mothers and babies course is an ideal follow on to baby massage.  It is suitable from 3 months until 12 months.   

Is IAIM baby massage suitable for premature babies?

Yes, IAIM baby massage is suitable for babies born early once baby has reached their original due date. We are respectful of skin sensitivity and always follow baby's cues to avoid overstimulation or discomfort.

There are huge benefits including weight gain, regulation of the body systems understanding babies communication cues and making touch enjoyable after medical interventions. 

Lots of neonatal wards across the country and globe teach parents IAIM containment hold techniques.  The containment holds are the first stages of touch in our well researched programme.

I've not feed baby away from home before

Classes are relaxed, small groups with plenty of time and space to put baby's needs first. Please feel free to breastfeeding / bottle feeding and change as you need to within our circle. Sessions remain female only creating a safe, comfortable, supportive and non judgement space.

My recovery isn't going as well as hoped and I've been advised not to walk whilst holding baby?

We have a few options for you from bringing the pram into the hall, *inviting your mums / sister  / supportive female to join us, delaying start date, online support, partner drop off / pick up. Please get in touch to discuss the most comfortable options for your individual needs.

Can my partner join me?

The Initial 5 week baby massage class is aimed at mother and baby connection, bonding and postpartum mental health. Once you have completed your 5 week course Dads can sign up for a 3 session workshop to help them feel confident and comfortable in baby massage and gentle movements. Courses are arranged subject to demand.

Can I bring older siblings? 

The focus of the small group classes is on mother and baby/ies under 1. 

Therefore older siblings cannot attend these sessions.

However, private groups or 1-2-1 sessions can be arranged where siblings are welcomed please get in touch to discuss your individual / group requirements.

Is there an extra charge for Twins or multiples?

Twins and multiples are welcomed at no extra charge. 

I might not have a chance to have breakfast before class

Mums are great at making sure baby has everything they need but, often forget about themselves.  *Refreshments are provided although,  you're welcome to bring your breakfast / lunch / refreshments with you.  Please avoid bringing nuts into the venue and anything too fragrant. 

Is there somewhere to park my pram?

There's space in the entrance hall to park up.  Please be mindful of Exit routes. Clean wheels are appreciated.

Are toilets available?

There is a toilet and handwashing facilities just inside the entrance hall. 

Will there be good ventilation?

Yes, a high window remains open allowing comfortable ventilation.  During hot weather the doors will be open. 

Are your covid safe measures approved by the local council Environmental Health team?

Yes, Baldock baby massage is committed to creating a covid safe environmental for you and your precious ones.  Risk assessments have been reviewed and approved by environmental health in line with the correct guidance for parent and baby / toddler groups.  Guidance is continuously changing and so does our class formation, activities and provision. 

How do I ensure that I'm booked onto the same class as my friend?

Please include your friends name on your registration form under "any additional information"

Can I book a private course for my antenatal group?

Yes, please complete a registration form including group details.

What oil should I use?

As part of your welcome pack you are given a bottle of 100% pure fractionated coconut oil to use in class and take home to use during the week. We will cover suitable oils and the different types of oils during our first session. Additional bottles can be purchased.

I would like to try baby massage but I'm not sure my baby will stay still?

The IAIM programme covers relaxation techniques.  I constantly get feedback from mums of very active babies that "massage time is the only time he /she stays still, lays there and chills"

Does massage promote better sleep?

Yes! IAIM baby massage has been proven to promote more Deep Sleep.  Parents that attend often feedback that their babies "sleep so well after their massage"

Can massage help colic?

The IAIM colic routine, tummy massage and gentle movements can help support the digestive system.  Offering natural pain relief and help release trapped wind and colic. We also support mothers looking after colic babies and ways they can relax and deal with the challenges of parenthood.

What is IAIM?

The International Association of Infant Massage founded by Vilima McClure in 1974. Was created and developed alongside paediatricians and child phycologists. The IAIM programme is a researched based programme drawing from Swedish & Indian massage techniques and elements of reflexology and yoga. 

The IAIM has stretched across the glob with instructors teaching the same 5 week programme in almost 80 different countries. 

Certified Infant Massage Instructors (CIMI's) are supported across the globe by ongoing research and systematic review to ensure the safest, most effective massage is available to the world community.

IAIM mission statement

The purpose of the IAIM is to promote nurturing touch and communication through training, education and research so that parents and children are loved, valued and respected throughout the world community.

* subject to covid alert level

**or full term equivalent for babies born early

International Association of Infant Massage


The programme has undergone numerous research and studies to demonstrate the positive effects that it has on postnatal mental health, wellbeing, improvement of attachment and bonding and support to babies physical, emotional and cognitive development.  The research is based on the IAIM programme (it is worth noting, this research is specific to the IAIM programme not baby massage classes in general). The studies and researched are also based on In person classes rather than online.

In person IAIM programme is delivered by Caroline over 5 classes.  Each group class lasting approximately 90 minutes

Week I

The History of baby massage and the IAIM

Introducing massage, baby cues and permission

Senses, oils and environment

Behavioural states

Massage area legs & Feet

Week 2 

Physical and emotional crying


Digestion, colic & gas

Massage area legs, feet & stomach.

Week 3

Reflexes, human survival 

Gentle movements

Massage area legs & feet, stomach, chest & arms

Week 4 

Adapting massage to the growing child, 

Massage as a tool for communication from birth - teens

Engaging the whole family

Massage area legs & feet, stomach, chest, arms, face & back.

Week 5 

Benefits of massage

Gentle movements 

Massage area legs & feet, stomach, chest, arms, face & back.

Course structure can slightly vary 

The IAIM programme is RCM accredited

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