Baldock Baby Massage

North Herts Mother and Baby

19th July Update

The same cleaning and ventilation measure will remain.

We will still be using a large spacious venue

There will be enough space for 2 metres distancing 

You can choose to sit closer to those you know, with their consent

You can change your mind each week

We all agree to respect individual choices

If there are changes to the government guidance our group numbers are small enough to revert back to lockdown set up approved by local council environmental health.

Minimising the risk

Keeping up to date with the most recent government and association guidance to keep you safe when you visit. Please note there have been many changes over the past few months and BBM is committed to being up to date an implement any necessary changes to keep you safe!!!

Risk assessments, cleaning regimes and communication has been specifically prepared to reflect BB&R / BBM services and venues. 

Clients and parents have a responsibility to follow policies in an effort to do our bit in controlling the virus. 

Please note

Government guidance is continuously changing and this will be reflected in the way we come together.



Local covid alert levels

Baldock baby massage classes are recognised and approved by the local council to provide postnatal support allowing us to continue to provide this essential service to parents of babies under 12 months (7 years where there are additional needs), throughout all covid alert levels including lockdown.

Proud to be an active member of the IAIM.  **researched backed benefits, specific to the IAIM curriculum has been systematically reviewed demonstrating the benefits that this course has on mental health, wellbeing, bonding and attachment.  

Thorough covid safe risk assessments, approved by North Hertfordshire Environmental health, are used to lower the risk of spread of infection. 

Up to date training on cross contamination and infection control.

Only working in Venues large enough to comfortably maintain 2 metre social distancing.  providing good ventilation as this is key in minimising risk. 

📋All activities assessed to minimise and reduce the risk

📖✍🏽 Following the IAIM, researched based, curriculum.  Documented studies of the programme and the benefits it provides to postnatal mums and babies is recognised around the globe.  

🖐🏽 Sanitiser station and hand washing facilities at entrance

🚿Cleaning regimes before and after each group

😷Masks worn when entering or moving around the venue (removed when in your allocated space)

🌀Ventilation and comfortable temperature. 

Updated training in infection control and cross contamination prevention.

*Studies and research are based on the IAIM curriculum  delivered in full and in person.