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Minimising the risk

Keeping up to date with the most recent government and association guidance to keep you safe when you visit. Please note there have been many changes over the past few months and BBM is committed to being up to date an implement any necessary changes to keep you safe!!!

Risk assessments, cleaning regimes and communication has been specifically prepared to reflect BB&R / BBM services and venues. Working in Covid secure venues allows us to continue to offer classes inline with venue covid safe capacity.

Clients and parents have a responsibility to follow policies in an effort to do our bit in controlling the virus. 

Please note

Government guidance is continuously changing and this will be reflected in the way we come together.



Local covid alert levels 1, 2 & 3

Baldock baby massage classes are able to continue to provide this essential service to parents and babies under 12 months throughout all 3 local covid alert levels including the November lockdown.

The reason that we are to provide our service is due to researched backed benefits our course has on mental health, wellbeing and babies development.  We also have thorough covid safe risk assessments and measures to keep you and your baby safe.

Here are just a few of the things we do to enable us to stay open

📋All activities assessed to minimise and reduce the risk

📖✍🏽 Following the IAIM, researched based, curriculum.  Documented studies of the programme and the benefits it provides to postnatal mums and babies is recognised around the globe.  

🖐🏽 Sanitiser station and hand washing facilities at entrance

📏 2 metre social distancing for babies as well as adults

🚿Cleaning regimes before and after each group

🚫No sharing of props or equipment

😷Masks worn when entering or moving around the venue (removed when in your allocated space)

🌀Ventilation processes in place alongside comfortable temperature.

Baby Massage​ 

Control the virus

If anyone in your household is experiencing the following symptoms;


New cough

Loss of taste or smell

or you are required to self isolate. please no not attend sessions.

Visit the website and follow the current guidance. 


Science still suggests that hand washing is more effective than hand gels (gels are fine if no sinks available) we are fortunate to have plenty of hand washing stations in our venue. You will be asked to wash your hands upon arrival. 

Do I have to wear a mask? 

The current guidance requires you to wear a mask where 2 metre social distancing cannot be maintained.

All my classes will have 2 metres social distancing and participants are required to respect this distance 

Our classes focus on parenting and nurturing skills as well as communication and development. It's important for babies to see your facial expressions and clearly hear your voice whilst massaging. I work with smaller groups to ensure we have the ability to safely do this. 


Scientific studies have show that good ventilation reduces the spread of covid-19.

I use venues with windows and door that open to allow the room to fully air before and after each sessions.  Extractor fans will remain on where possible and a window will remain a tad open, on the latch to ensure fresh air exchange. 

Heating will be on during the winter months.

Does the rule of 6 apply to covid safe venues?

No we are not restricted to the rule of 6.  Businesses have separate guidance they are required to follow. 

Our group size is based on the guidance and restrictions for New parents support groups. This allows up to 15 participants plus babies to come together.  However, your group will be limited to 6 mums and babies plus Caroline, your IAIM instructor.  This is a lovely size for the way we deliver the course.  It ensures everyone can be seen and heard and able to fully enjoy the course. 


New research has demonstrated that singing at a low volume does not increase the spread of droplets as much as previously thought. That there is very little difference between talking and singing in a low volume. This is GREAT NEWS for us as singing is such a lovely part of our course.

What shall I bring?

Your personal items will need to be kept within your allocated space.

A towel or blanket to cover the massage mat & one to cover baby whilst undressed.

Changing bag with any items you feel you will need during the session.

A distraction toy for older babies.

Please take used nappies and rubbish home with you.


Refreshments with be provided following strict hygiene measures in line with government and food standards agency guidance.

Individual venues have different policies on refreshments.  Details will be provided in your course details sent out 2 weeks before the start date.

Provision may vary during different alert levels.

Course dates

Baby led classes

Babies are welcome whatever their mood.  Its normal for babies to cry and make lots of noise so never feel embarrassed about this. 

If baby needs feeding, changing or cuddling during the session please do so as part of our group. If baby decides to sleep through the session feel free to practise the strokes on one of my demonstration doll (they're cleaned after every use) or just sit back and watch and enjoy being part of our lovely group with your hands free to enjoy a cuppa. 

What happens if there's another lockdown?

We were permitted to continue throughout the November lockdown.  So our classes remained in person and we followed our lockdown risk assessment.

The government has recognised the importance of our group in supporting new parents. 

It is likely that we will remain "In person" during any future lockdowns.  

Covid Alert levels

We are currently in Alert level 2

This means we are able to welcome families from Alert level 2 areas.

Can I bring someone with me?

Due to social distancing, classes are running at smaller capacity. Only one adult may attend with their baby/ies.

Older siblings cannot attend groups sessions.

Track and Trace 

Information provided on registration forms are confidential, the information helps me understand the most suitable massage for you and your baby. 

Records must be retained inline with insurance requirements. Details are not shared with any other individual, organisation or company. With the exception of track and trace.  

A QR code is available to scan when you entre.

The information below refers to the beauty and massage treatments - not baby massage courses

​Baldock Beauty & Relaxation



Baby massage is safely facilitated with a minimum of 2 metres social distancing and will continue

Control the Virus

If anyone in your household is experiencing the following symptoms;


New cough

Loss of taste or smell

Visit the website for the most up to date guidance.

Please reschedule your appointment with as much notice as practically possible.

If you have travelled overseas or into an "area of intervention" please wait 2 weeks before attending. 

Face coverings 

Please have your mask on when you enter and avoid touching your mask. 

A covid form will need completing before arriving.

I will have the windows open during your treatment to allow good ventilation.

Refreshments will not be provided.  

I ask that clients use the loo in their own homes before arriving.

Hand & Feet hygiene

Please wash or sanitise your hands on arrival. 

If you would like to wear your flip flops whist your traditional varnish is being applied please bring flip flops that can be submerged in water. 


My regulars will know that I've always followed high levels of hyeigne with individual nail files for each client, hygienic foot bowls, towels washed after each client, no double dipping, single use or sanitised tools.

You will notice that the room looks bear.  I've stripped back and decluttered so that every surface is easy to wipe down after each client.

Card payments are now accepted via the booking app. 

Can I book a massage and facial?

Due to the close contact for this service it will not available at BB&R until further notice. 

Good ventilation

The treatment room boasts beautiful windows that open and allow plenty of fresh air to enter the room.

Eyebrows and Lashes

These service are now available to book.  

Make sure you book a test patch if you've not had these treatments at BB&R before or its been awhile since your last one.  

There is a small charge for your product test but this is credited against your next treatment. 

 Limited appointments

Limited services

I'm generally not taking new clients on at the moment but, might be able to accommodate  my existing clients friends or family so please get in touch.

If you need to cancel please give as much notice as practically possible.  

Above all, PLEASE reschedule if you are feeling unwell!!

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