Baldock Baby Massage

North Herts Mother and Baby

‚ÄčInternational Association of Infant Massage is the world leader in Infant Massage‚Äč

The purpose of the IAIM is to promote nurturing touch and communication through training, education and research so that parents and children are loved, valued and respected throughout the world community.

So much more than a massage routine, this is an International Association of Infant Massage programme.

Suitable and beneficial from birth (or full term equivalent).

During your first session Caroline will support you to recognise your babies unique communication cues so that you are able to adapt and enjoy a safe and effective massage with your baby.

We introduce the appropriate massage techniques at the right stage for each baby, gradually building our massage routine as the weeks progress. You will leave feeling confident and equipped to continue massage with your growing child / teen.  


Baldock methodist church hall 

Whitehorse Street


Caroline Coull your local IAIM Instructor

Supporting families in North Herts, Stevenage and surrounding Villages

Hi I'm Caroline, a mum and stepmum to 5 children.  I'm a fully qualified massage therapist passionate about physical and emotional benefits of massage for all ages and stages of life.  

I absolutely love hosting Baldock Baby Massage classes. Offering new parents a safe environment to come together, form friendships, share knowledge and experiences whilst enjoying the wonderful International Association 5 week Infant Massage programme.  

I feel incredibly proud to be an experienced member of the IAIM having shared my courses with over 200 local families.

One thing I love about the IAIM programme is the emphasis on understand and responding to baby cues allowing us to listen, create and adapt our massage to our individual baby's ever changing needs. Understand how each stroke stimulates the body system and what our effect can achieve. So much more than a massage routine.


Together, under one roof, with the option of 2 meters distancing we will learn techniques which will help relax you and baby.  Aid digestion, Improve sleep, support development, enhances bonding, relieve discomfort from colic, constipation, teething, congestion and so much more!  

 Numbers are limited due to small groups, sensible spacing options with high quality training.  Courses will continue to be offered in our large hygienic, council approved venue to minimise risk of transmission offering greater flexibility and choice.

19th July update

The same cleaning and ventilation measure will remain.

There will be enough space for 2 metres distancing.  Of course, you may choose to sit closer to those you know, with their consent and you can change your mind each week.

We all agree to respect individual choices

If there are changes to the government guidance, groups are small enough to revert back to lockdown, In person, set up approved by local council environmental health.

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