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My In person classes are permitted to continue throughout all 3 covid alert levels.  Take a look at our latest covid safe update to see how we keep you safe.

Covid safe update

Baldock Baby Massage Classes 

Safely brings parents and babies together to learn and enjoy the International Association of Infant Massage 5 week programme.  We believe that the IAIM is the highest standard of Infant massage training in the UK. Courses empower parents and primary caregivers with knowledge, understanding and confidence to deliver safe, enjoyable and beneficial massage.

Small group classes following the ever changing government guidance on Covid-19 safe working practises, offering New parents support and research backed methods to care for their babies. 

The IAIM programme is normally delivered over 5 classes lasting between 60-90 minutes.

Week I

The History of baby massage and the IAIM

Introducing massage and baby cues

Senses, oils and environment

Behavioural states

Massage area legs & Feet

Week 2

Physical and emotional crying

Digestion, colic & gas

Massage area legs, feet & stomach.

Week 3

Benefits of infant massage


Massage area legs & feet, stomach, chest & arms

Week 4

Adapting massage to the growing child

Massage as a tool for communication from birth - 21

Massage area legs & feet, stomach, chest, arms, face & back.

Week 5

Engaging the whole family in massage

Gentle movements

Massage area legs & feet, stomach, chest, arms, face & back.

Course structure can slightly vary



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This part of my business is temporarily closed

Looking forward to restarting in Spring 2021

Will be introducing mummy meet up pamper parties!!!

Any gift vouchers that have expired between March 2020 - December 2020 will be extended. 

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